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02. Dec 2013
How to run Node.js tests in your browser with Mocha

For Node modules that also work in the browser, I've created an integrated solution that runs the test suite from the command line and that works with PhantomJS as well. Now it also supports Mocha. Read more →

27. Jun 2013
Getting started with streams 2

One of the biggest changes in Node.js 0.10 was surely the complete rewrite of the streams module. In this post, I'd like to show you how to use streams 2 and how to write your first own stream implementation. Read more →

14. May 2013
Releasing listen.js v1.0.0

Listen.js is an open source JavaScript library that makes it easy to wait for mutliple Node-style callbacks and process the results. For Node.js and the browser. Read more →

07. May 2013
A more productive shell environment

For a long time, I could not bother putting more effort into a shell environment than defining a few aliases. That changed after reading through some inspiring dotfiles. Read more →

29. Apr 2013
How to run Node.js tests in your browser

Testing hybrid project is just too difficult. It should be simple to write sources and tests without any boilerplate for Node.js and browsers, and run it headlessly on a build server. Read more →

24. Apr 2013
Create project sites with Markdown

Markdown just feels right for writing documentation for software projects. In recent days, I got so used to the notation that I wanted to use it to update the content of my web page. Read more →