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API reference

Start with var listen = require('listen');. Then use the exported listen function to create listeners. Use the listeners to create callbacks.


Creates and returns a new listener function.


Creates and returns a new listener with the given initial values.


Creates a new callback associated with the listener. Throws if called after then.


Creates a new named callback that provides its value under the given name.


Creates a new callback that errs with a TimeoutError if the callback was not invoked within the given timeout.


Creates a new callback that also invokes the given function with (err, value).

listener(name, func)

Combined listener(name) and listener(func).

listener(name, timeout)

Combined listener(name) and listener(timeout).

listener(func, timeout)

Combined listener(func) and listener(timeout).

listener(name, func, timeout)

Combined listener(name), listener(func) and listener(timeout).


Invokes the given function once all callbacks where invoked. If none of the callbacks had errors, the first argument is null, otherwise it's an Error. The second argument is the values array in order of callback creation. Can only be called once.


Pushes a value to the internal values array. Throws if called after then.


Adds an error to the internal error list. Throws if called after then.